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Our client has developed an innovative model of creative digital e-agent that represents
independent creative talents all around the world (digital makers, influencers, videographers,
photographers, sound makers, artists, innovators in creation, metavers & blockchain experts,
There have been already more than 500 booked talents, and more than 10 000 talents in the
Basis. Already many companies and private individuals have joined the project as clients.

The business is booming all over the world due to the increasing demand in creative contents
with the digital acceleration of companies and uses. It has been reinforced within the recent

The model has a strong artistic and local dimension, that makes the value proposal unique.
The approach is original and disruptive with:
-a creative marketplace : companies and private people can book the best creatives all over the
world and there is a differentiation with an e-agent system that gives a real customer support
to the client

-a creative toolbox : you can validate the content online directly through the platform : the
process of production and validation is made easier
>> also there is a legal / monetization/ support
-a creative gallery: the talent car showcase its work to customers and key audiences. The
business is highly scalable and devoid of mining costs.

It has an interesting business model with : the booking of talents/ deliverables + the
subscription (companies, talents, etc).

They looking to raise € 1,000,000 to €2,000,000.
Already 350 000 € secured thanks to key leaders (CEOs, Digital Manager, Marketing Director,
Head of Retail of major Platform, etc).

Investors will be able to exit in a B Series . Anticipated profit because the project is scalable
and has a strong international dimension.

Please advise if you would like to see a company presentation and feel free to contact me
for a first confidential call at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Alternatively, I can introduce you directly to our client.


Jérôme Courville

Geneva Rhone 8,
Rue du Commerce 4,
1204 Geneva - Switzerland

header-receiver (+41) 788 889 017


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