Buying a classic car:
an investment and a passion



Many are the car enthusiasts who wish to buy a classic car. Exceptional vehicles are more and more accessible nowadays. In order to find the rare pearl, it is essential to entrust your project of buying a classic car to a specialist. Whether it is an investment project or a simple pleasure, buying a classic car requires the consideration of different criteria. By this article, know which classic car to buy.

The classic car, what is it?

Classic cars are motorized vehicles of old models that are at least 30 years old. Particular models that are at least 15 years old are therefore not considered as classic cars.

The technical inspection of exceptional vehicles must be done every 5 years. They have a specific registration certificate, specific to their status of collector vehicle. A registration card or collection card issued by the FFVE or French federation of vintage vehicles.

Collector cars benefit from a specific protection with car insurances. Trucks as well as motorcycles are also called classic vehicles if they were registered more than 30 years ago and if its characteristics have not been modified, therefore no restoration has been done.

Buying a classic car: to invest or for pleasure?

In Europe, more precisely in France, there is now a market for classic cars. In fact, more than one million vintage cars aged 55 years, on average, are registered in France. And this, for 200 000 owners.

These owners buy vintage cars as an investment or simply for pleasure. In any case, it is not complicated to find the classic car of your dreams, for an investment or for a passion.

It should be noted that the purchase of a classic car is a real investment. This is explained by the explosion of the market, the plurality of ads and the exceptional evolution of the price of classic cars.
To live your passion to the fullest or to invest quietly, choosing to invest with the help of a classic car sales specialist is always advantageous. By doing business with Jérôme Courville, you benefit from personalized assistance, from the selection to the acquisition of your classic car. Consult the prestigious offers in his classic cars for sale online ad to be sure of a profitable project.

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